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Thank you for your interest in applying for a new home loan!

You will be asked to provide your e-mail and create a password in case you need to save your progress and finish the application at a later time. If you get stuck or are unsure what to put at any point, you can skip over any items that are not marked with an asterisk (*) – or you can give us a call. Your loan officer will be notified as soon as your application is finished, and will be in touch.

To get started, simply click on the photo of the loan officer you would like to work with and you will be taken to our secure loan application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (541) 323-7000.

Matt Bassitt

NMLS # 114939 – Lic. in OR, ID & WA
Branch Manager/Mortgage Advisor

Matt Keck

NMLS # 271775 – Lic. in OR, WA & CA
Business Manager

Dana Bruce

NMLS # 284298 – Lic. in OR
Mortgage Advisor

Giancarlo Gatto

NMLS # 475357 – Lic. in OR
Mortgage Advisor

David Jones

NMLS # 817699 – Lic. in OR
Mortgage Advisor

Brandon Mears

NMLS # 804457 – Lic. in OR
Mortgage Advisor

Kip Pierson

NMLS # 1725449 – Lic. in OR, WA & CA
Mortgage Advisor

Matt Sieverson

NMLS # 1639837 – Lic. in OR & WA
Mortgage Advisor

Robb Thomas

NMLS # 231760 – Lic. in OR
Mortgage Advisor